Dear Fedizens and FOSS-lings: I need a recommendation for a file browser on Android, that's available through F-droid (either natively or own repo), which is a suitable replacement for FX File Explorer (My go to for years).
I've tried Ghost Commander, but unless there's a way to re-skin it, I don't think I can put up with the way it looks.
@IzzyOnDroid, help me out?

Wow, thanks for all the replies! Amaze and Material Files both look like great options.

@michael @IzzyOnDroid

I mostly use 'Simple File Manager' but that might not be featureful enough for you.

(Thinking about it, I very rarely browse the file system of my phone nowadays. The built-in file picker that all apps can trigger is mostly enough for me.)

@cereals Unfortunately it seems the FTP element is for acting as a FTP host. No support yet for connecting to SCP/SFTP servers.
Love the SAF integration which allows native browsing of Nextcloud though.
I'll be watching this for an update with grid view and SCP/SFTP support.

@cereals So the issue to add SFTP support in Material Files was literally closed today (uncanny timing) and should be coming in the 1.3 release.
Grid view is on the roadmap for 1.4

I mostly use this:

Secure File Manager Beta (File manager for keeping your files in safe) -

yes, it is beta, but it works for me :)

@michael Sorry for the late reply, was AFK (family event) – but you already got the best recommendations. Recent versions of Amaze are available via my repo in case you wonder.

@jawsh @IzzyOnDroid I've pretty much settled on this. Release 1.3.1 with SFTP client support just went up on GitHub today.

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