The apartment I'm renting is eating 50+kW/h of power per DAY 😧 This is with a heat pump.
People who live in cold climates, is this normal? I've just moved countries and don't have a frame of reference for this.

After some rudimentary testing, it seems like the heat pump, even in "economy" mode, draws ~2000W ... constantly.
The power company has smart meters installed, which in this case is nice, because you can get hour by hour reporting of your consumption.

This is quite a lot or I underestimate the size.

50kWh Power = 150kW heat/day.
A modern building need 35-55 kW/m²a.

Do you have a pool? 😃

@joerg Definitely no pool, just a 3 bed townhouse 😕 And not even heating the whole thing.

@michael @sheogorath wtf? 50kwh a day would be more than continuous 2kw all day. I can't imagine what would draw this Kind of power in a regular household?!

@michael Can you give me a $ value for roughly what that costs you per month? I can tell you if it seems excessive based on that. Keep in mind that we're not even into the cold part of winter yet, which generally kicks in around June, although I'm not familiar with the specifics of Central Otago climate. If it already seems like a lot, expect it to get higher.

@michael Out of curiosity, which country did you move from?


Did this end up being typical of your power consumption over the year?

If you envision a 1 kW electric heater, you might think, it would struggle to keep a single room warm. 50 kWh/d is ~2 kW, and your heat pump presumably has a coefficient-of-performance of between 3 and 5, so that would be the equivalent of between 6 and 10 such heaters.

If you suffer from damp as well as cold, I'd say that's not entirely an unreasonable consumption.

@publius We only stayed in that house for ~3 months, job opportunities allowed us to move from Christchurch to Queenstown.
New place has completely normal power consumption. Something was very broken in that old house, either the heat pump or the water heater, but I'll never know 🤷

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