The apartment I'm renting is eating 50+kW/h of power per DAY 😧 This is with a heat pump.
People who live in cold climates, is this normal? I've just moved countries and don't have a frame of reference for this.

After some rudimentary testing, it seems like the heat pump, even in "economy" mode, draws ~2000W ... constantly.
The power company has smart meters installed, which in this case is nice, because you can get hour by hour reporting of your consumption.

This is quite a lot or I underestimate the size.

50kWh Power = 150kW heat/day.
A modern building need 35-55 kW/m²a.

Do you have a pool? 😃

@joerg Definitely no pool, just a 3 bed townhouse 😕 And not even heating the whole thing.

@michael bit of a pet peeve but there is no / in kWh

@michael @sheogorath wtf? 50kwh a day would be more than continuous 2kw all day. I can't imagine what would draw this Kind of power in a regular household?!

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