Cryptocurrencies, blockchain, ethereum. 

I've been trying to teach myself a bit about blockchains and defi lately. So far I actually like

But every time I stray near ethereum and learn about some smart contract based project, that is where the stupid lives.

Ref the SS and "decentralised" unstoppable domains.

The "decentralised" domains rely on a centralised provider (Infura) to answer queries to the blockchain.

Democratised currency = good, but ethereum projects can **** right off.

Cryptocurrencies, blockchain, ethereum. 

Just sync a node yourself to answer queries privately?

Sure, but a full archival node is currently 9TB+

And calculating the full state chain in order to determine the content of every smart contract would likely require far more.

That also assumes the app in question is even designed to allow querying custom nodes. For Brave and unstoppable domains, the options are 'Infura' or 'Off'.

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