Cryptocurrencies, blockchain, ethereum. 

I've been trying to teach myself a bit about blockchains and defi lately. So far I actually like

But every time I stray near ethereum and learn about some smart contract based project, that is where the stupid lives.

Ref the SS and "decentralised" unstoppable domains.

The "decentralised" domains rely on a centralised provider (Infura) to answer queries to the blockchain.

Democratised currency = good, but ethereum projects can **** right off.

When you're worried your little 8 spindle RAIDZ2 array isn't up to the task, but then you realise that's a 'G' not an 'M' 😶

Related to my previous post/thread:

Occasionally you'll get support requests like: "Hey, can we swing a GoPro 200+ meters and keep it streaming over WiFi?"

To which the correct response is: "Let's tune the AP, strap it to a brick, and find out."

On the return drive from a client visit this afternoon I decided to stop at Bennett's Bluff and grab some photos, as I meant to every other time I've driven past it.

Six months of living here and occasionally I still have to stop driving and just stare. If i didn't I'd likely veer off the road while gawking.

If I'm in the top 5%, a worrying number of people don't know nearly enough...


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