I finally got to deploy a hypervisor in a client's environment tonight. Hopefully the first of many 🤞Even got the 10GbE LACP bond working with little-to-no trouble. Feels good 😊

@echo_pbreyer So I saw one of these boosted and thought it looked like good news. But after reading the thread it seems like a massive string of setbacks, with a lip-service vote on one issue to generate media spin.
What use is the ToS vote, if surveillance marketing is allowed to continue?

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@gargron @rysiek If you don't want to support BigTech, then don't use "permissive" licenses. Use AGPL. The problem is: Most people don't understand Copyright and licences. So they find their way to choosealicense.com which is curated by Microsoft Github. It prominently advertises the MIT licence with "I want it simple and permissive". This phrase sounds fair and good to most people. But permissive actually means "I permit BigTech to run their profit-driven thing with my code".

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@mhamzahkhan I haven't watched the older ones in a while, you'd probably say the Brosnan films were loosely connected to each other. Confusingly, Dame Judi Dench played M in both the Brosnan films and the earlier Craig films. But 'Casino Royale' is referred to as a reboot. If you're just trying to follow 'No Time To Die', I wouldn't worry about any films outside the Craig era. This isn't the MCU, don't get too hung up on canon :P

@mhamzahkhan The Daniel Craig films (Casino Royale through to No Time to Die) should be considered as their own isolated telling of the Bond character. Not connected to prior films but certainly using the same characters.

@Gina I vaguely recall hearing once that there's a large Dutch expat population in Thailand due to permissive visa agreements? Or was that Bali/Indonesia.... Or was it Denmark...

@danctnix @PINE64 Can it be detached and re-attached after powering on?

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Really cool photos by Aydin Büyüktaş, who used a drone to capture 18-20 pictures then stitched them together to make warped landscapes.

Neat! Like a ring world farm house.

@IzzyOnDroid @lienrag yes I remember this, the author was offering to pay developers to break their code, with the pay scaling according to how widely used the package is and how small it is.

@Bubu I learned some new things from this write up, thanks. I don't trust Moxie, haven't since I first started searching for a self hosted IM platform years ago, and found the lack of information around Signals server suspicious.
But the stuff about wallets relying on centralized API providers is a real eye opener. My take away is run your own node, and use a wallet that interacts directly with that node?
Hey look, another reason to run another server of my own.

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@boilingsteam Really good piece, enjoyed reading it. Shame the author doesn't seem to use Mastodon/Matrix?

@stringerblog I've seen open comment sections on other blogs become overrun with spam bots. I'm all for people retaining anonymity (when the author approves it), but unfortunately registration is needed to block spam.

@Tutanota Matrix > Signal. You know, something's that's actually open source?

@msh @o0karen0o Echo'ing the MS is way worse than Gmail sentiment. With DKIM etc properly set up I've never had issues getting something to a Gmail user. Sending mail to Outlook.com users though, forget it.

@IzzyOnDroid Izzy is correct, the Nextcloud app only downloads files server > phone. If you make local changes to the file on your phone, those changes are not synced back to the server. Basically the @nextcloud Android app is useless for anything other than read access to your files from mobile. The photo/video auto upload is unreliable.
My solution, as I self host Nextcloud, is to run syncthing with access to the same storage. Mostly just for notes.

@ck @fdroidorg @IzzyOnDroid If you are using , there is also a sip client baked into the dialer. Sorry I don't know if the dialer is available stand alone.
My experience with all three of these though (Baresip, Linphone, Calyx Dialer) is that they will murder your battery if you use them in an "always available" setting. (Ie keeping a web socket open)

@sheogorath @kev I'm always curious about how different bloggers accomplish their publishing workflow, this uses Jekyll? Do you also use any kind of CI/git repo?

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