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Just sync a node yourself to answer queries privately?

Sure, but a full archival node is currently 9TB+

And calculating the full state chain in order to determine the content of every smart contract would likely require far more.

That also assumes the app in question is even designed to allow querying custom nodes. For Brave and unstoppable domains, the options are 'Infura' or 'Off'.

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Cryptocurrencies, blockchain, ethereum. 

I've been trying to teach myself a bit about blockchains and defi lately. So far I actually like

But every time I stray near ethereum and learn about some smart contract based project, that is where the stupid lives.

Ref the SS and "decentralised" unstoppable domains.

The "decentralised" domains rely on a centralised provider (Infura) to answer queries to the blockchain.

Democratised currency = good, but ethereum projects can **** right off.

@homegrown I'm quite happy with Porkbun. I recently did some hunting to look for a more privacy preserving registrar but it seems KYC is kind of a requirement for registrars.
One alternative was but I decided against them as the privacy they offer comes at the cost that they technically own the domain on your behalf and use proxy registrars.
Porkbun accept payment via crypto currencies, but sadly not Monero.

@sheogorath Seriously? As in 0.45 euros per kW/h? Adjusted for currency that's over double the NZ price.
Are the German plants all gas fired or something??

When you're worried your little 8 spindle RAIDZ2 array isn't up to the task, but then you realise that's a 'G' not an 'M' 😢

@idanoo Point being that you are, by all available evidence, a pretty smart guy. Whatever the situation is that has got you down, you likely have the skills to rectify it or escape it.

@idanoo Family and I moved internationally ~12 months ago. It's been a huge boon for general happiness all-round, but has also shown that even drastic change is not as daunting or unachievable as you might think.

@idanoo Can the source of your problems be identified? What needs to change?

@omgubuntu Wow, it only took 19 YEARS but they're finally doing a proper message list view πŸ™ŒπŸŽ‰

@sheogorath It needs a cookie to tell it you disabled cookies 🀑

@Tutanota Just imagine what Google's keyboard (GBoard) is doing...
All the privacy hardening in the world doesn't matter one bit if your keyboard can snitch on every web address, password, and sentence you type.

@futureisfoss @feditips @apps Damn that is cool. Might have give fedilab another go. I get a lot of German in my feed and I don't speak a word if it πŸ˜…

@feld That's an interesting take on the separately taxed home EV charger, haven't heard the before. Difficult to apply to homes with rooftop solar though? (Admittedly not a problem in the US but in Aus rooftop solar is huge).
I've always assumed governments would have to either jack up car registration fees, or require a "kilometers driven" submission at tax time.

@Bubu @tuxedocomputers What's the wattage and USB-PD spec of the charger? Can it negotiate a voltage sufficiently high enough for the laptop?

@phil_tanner Slightly related, do not wear thick wool socks in the foam pit of a trampoline park, for similar reasons. I lost a favourite pair of socks this way πŸ˜…

@Gargron Not that google would ever do anything but shouldn't such a review be removed on grounds of containing discriminatory speech?

@twann This isn't quite like hub is it? This CLI can't be used for issuing a PR?

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