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@ConnyDuck Thanks a lot! No pressure of course – whenever it's ready. Glad to read you're open to it!

So everyone who's able to: Conny said Pull Requests for @unifiedpush support are welcome at #Tusky ! Anyone out there who can provide such? I'm no Android dev, so all I can do is making a #callout for help from this great community here. Would be really awesome to have free, libre push messages in our free, libre apps!

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Trying out Organic Maps after reading about it in the latest release notes. It's a genuinely pretty fantastic map/navigation app and it's FOSS. Very comparable to Magic Earth.
If you find OsmAnd+ to be needlessly complicated (I sure do) then check it out.

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PixelFed is the Fediverse's alternative to Instagram, with a similar interface and range of features.

Because it's part of the Fediverse, you can follow PixelFed accounts from Mastodon and vice versa.

There's more info on the official site at pixelfed.org and there's a list of instances to join at beta.joinpixelfed.org

The web interface is good, and there's an unofficial Android app PixelDroid available through F-Droid.

#PixelFed #Fediverse #FediTips #Instagram #Alternatives

@mhamzahkhan That is ... an impressively poor sounding flash utility 🙄
"This looks vaguely like a storage interface, guess I'll go f*ck with it's ROM".

@mhamzahkhan /hands over a pamphlet
"Hello, have you heard of our saviour, ZFS?"

@dansup @pixelfed It looks like you're a) Somewhat sleepless and b) Making tweaks to the profile dash for
Now seems like a good time to hurl the @keyoxide project into your headlights, on the off chance you haven't already seen it.
Any chance we can get pretty green ticks for our pixelfed accounts? Happy colours = dopamine engine go brrr.

@pixelfed Cool, I may have to consider rerolling my instance 🤔

@pixelfed Was single user mode an option previously that required an env parameter? Or is it totally new?

@idanoo it's definitely great for keeping up with conversations and announcements around FOSS, but I struggle to find a similar breadth of content that you would on other bird themed platforms.

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We've just created this mastodon account to communicate about the #unifiedpush project.

UnifiedPush is specifications and tools that let mobile users choose how push notifications are delivered. All in a free and open source way.

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Using pmOS #plasmamobile on the OnePlus 6! Performance is quite good, and works great in browsing and listening to music through Elisa. Thanks for audio support @calebccff 😄

@neochat I just saw this effect in a KDE blog about Tok! I thought, "damn, why can't Neochat have a nice effect like that?"
~60 seconds later I open Mastodon and read this 😂

@isagalaev Sort of needs an option for combination of the above? I use gmail for trash registrations with services I know will leak data or are already trying to exploit me.
Outlook.com for a more rarely used "professional" email that, in theory, shouldn't break.
And my own email server for family/friends/foss communities.

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