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@ares @fdroidorg Very useful, thanks, found a couple of apps I didn't know about and will definitely use.

@cubicgarden "Agrarian holdover" I believe is the typical answer. Certainly shouldn't apply any more.

@Bubu What are you testing this on, did you get a for Xmas?

@aral Ah, apparently what I'm missing is functioning eye sight 😅

@aral I don't understand the need to include blockchain when federated systems like and already seem to work well? What am I missing?

@feditips @writefreely @zleap Hmm, writefreely bolted on fediverse sharing as an afterthought, and still doesn't support replies/comments.
( )was made as a fediverse-native blogging solution, but sadly I don't think it's seen much development recently.

@dansup 2021 getting one more knife blow in before the end.

@yarmo @nebunez Command Line Owncast, and you just left the name CLOwncast there hanging, unused?! 🤡

@boilingsteam So naturally all these companies are making contributions to the code and donating a living wage to the maintainers right?

@bart Very cool. I haven't looked at Plasma Big Screen in a while but last time I did, the project page only provided RPi images and little else by way of instruction.
Any particular guide you followed to get it running? I'd love to make a HTPC that runs Plasma Big Screen on an old NUC (x86). @boilingsteam Yeah, sadly, I'm not optimistic about this either.

@mhamzahkhan What do you miss from the Mac? I'm curious about what I don't know.

@matrix So both panels are using Hydrogen as the client, but the left panel is using new sync backend?

@dansup Should have been a series, ala Foundation. Give the story the time it needs/deserves without compromising on the pace.

@boilingsteam Maintain your own list of packages (literally a raw text list) on some sort of public git repo, update it when you discover new packages that you think you'll want on every install.
When doing an arch install and you get to the pacstrap step, you can curl the list and pipe it to pacstrap.

@boilingsteam A simultaneous feeling of "thank goodness" and "what the f, Mozilla?"

@mhamzahkhan It feels like a movie made for people who've read the book, rather than something intended for people experiencing it for the first time.
It's clear the director wanted a thoughtful pace, really should have gone with a series format. But when you're "competing" with Christopher Nolan I guess you've got to make it on Imax.

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